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We operate in two key segments of the energy sector: Gas and Power.

In the Gas segment we have companies engaged in pipeline-transportation and storage services for natural gas, LPG, and ethane as well as others engaged in storage of liquefied natural gas, LPG, and the distribution of natural gas.

In the Power segment, we generate electric power through a combined-cycle plant fueled with natural-gas and through two wind farms. In addition, we will soon begin construction on two solar energy parks that will start operating in 2019.



Our trajectory and expertise allow us to grow our business in those segments where we already have a presence and, at the same time, to leverage the new opportunities that arise from the continued opening of the energy sector.

In 2016 we made investments in excess of USD$1.9 billion. With these investments, we not only contribute to the fast-growing energy industry, but we also benefit other sectors of the economy, including the construction and steel industries and engineering services. Likewise, we create new direct and indirect jobs, offer specialized training to our employees, purchase goods and services, and pay taxes.

During the year our workforce grew 37%, from 639 employees in 2015 to 877 at end of 2016. The increase was mainly due to our purchase of Gasoductos de Chihuahua. We also generated 8,800 indirect jobs in projects we had under construction.


At IEnova we consider it vitally important to offer excellent service to our customers. We assess customer satisfaction with our natural gas distribution companies and pipelines through annual surveys as well as in-person meetings. We also have a team specialized in customer service.

In the Gas segment we operate pipelines and offer storage, and distribution services, and, in the Power segment, we offer electric power generation services.

Satisfaction levels in aspects such
as quality of the service,
the training our employees receive,
among many others, show that
our efforts have rendered good results


We operate based on a steadfast commitment to offer our customers the highest quality products, offering them excellent service.

For seven years we have used the IEnova Quality-Control System in the seven cities where we offer natural gas distribution services through ECOGAS, and we comply with the ISO 9001:2008 standards, ensuring the quality of the service we offer our customers.

We operate a call center in the city of Chihuahua that serves all our ECOGAS customers. In 2016, we handled an average of 10,435 calls a month. The main reasons for the calls were to verify an appointment, request reinstatement of a suspended service or an extension on a payment past due, to inform the company when a payment was made, or to make a complaint. All were handled in a timely manner.

One of the tasks of our Customer Service division is to respond immediately to emergency calls to ensure the safety of the community. After resolving an emergency, we always test our facilities to determine the integrity of the pipeline. In addition, we operate with the commitment to respond to routine calls within a maximum of ten days, and we follow-up on all requests from our customers.


We have personalized-service counters at the Mexicali, La Laguna-Durango, and Chihuahua locations. In 2016, we helped 47,943 customers at these counters, resulting in 53,906 procedures.

Additionally, at some supermarkets we offer our customers the possibility of making their payments at ATMs with either credit or debit cards. This year we installed eight new payment centers and we started to offer automatic payments and an online chat through our website.

We use our customer service system to monitor different important aspects of the service we offer, including waiting times, type of service, and number of customers served per day. We analyze the statistics in order to continually improve the service we offer.


Because IEnova’s work ethic is centered on the safety and integrity of our assets and operations, we start managing both aspects at the design stage of a project, and continue to do so throughout the entire operating cycle, which includes construction, maintenance, operating the infrastructure, the work methodology, and offering the service to the end customer.


Our Integrity Management Program (IMP) employs a specially-designed software that constantly analyzes our operation, allowing us to control every aspect needed to ensure normal operations.

In Pipelines and Distribution, in the Gas Segment, 100% of our pipelines operate the Integrity Management Program and the following steps are taken to ensure that our infrastructure and operations are performing adequately:

  • Inspecting natural gas pipeline systems.
  • Assessing the indicators obtained from the inspections.
  • Cataloguing the indicators.
  • Evaluating results of the cataloging.
  • Classifying them by defect and severity.
  • Determining the integrity of the pipeline.
  • Monitoring operating parameters in real time and permanently.
  • Monitoring alarms constantly.
  • Addressing detected problems in a timely manner.

Our IMP complies with all norms and regulations in force in Mexico and the US, and includes five plans that apply to different aspects of the operation:


Given the success of this program, our goal is to apply it at all our assets over the course of the following years.


With our Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system we can supervise, control, and collect the necessary data to monitor field devices, in real time and remotely, and it makes it easier for us to provide feedback and manage our operating units.

We use SCADA or similar systems in different aspects of our operations, in both the Gas and Power segments:

  • Natural gas pipelines
  • Receiving and discharging liquefied natural gas (LNG)
  • Storing liquefied natural gas (LNG)
  • Regasifying natural gas
  • Distributing natural gas
  • Generating electric power



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